Adam nNemat

“The greatest work is about a balance, between nature and art, my own creative vision and the design objectives of my clients. When I find the perfect balance I know I’ve created something truly special “

Adam Nemat

The vision belongs to artist and Silk Floral Gallery owner Adam Nemat. The love of nature and artistic mind of a painter/ calligrapher and his incredible ability of creating movements and intertwining between lines, characters, colors and textures in calligraphy inspired him in expression of an intimate dialogue between nature and vision in his magnificent floral design creations.

The Silk Floral Gallery is recognized across the globe for floral designs and installations that inspire wonder. Our designs are created with delicate care, intricate detail and creativity inspired by the subtle beauty of nature. Designs are made from a diverse collection of both natural and high quality materials that are combined with a purity of vision to blur the lines between man and nature.